...a way to be mixed with others without intersecting anyone...

...a way to bring tears to your eyes for feeling your daily life a bit more deeply...

seems like representing the sound of falling rain with her own voice filled with shades;
aberration, lags, intermittence, hoarseness.

Started live acts as an solo-unit with voice and classic guitar in Sept. 2005 around Kyoto city, Japan. The first full album, "animistic anima" was released in July 2006 which contains the tune "leaf dance", which became to be introduced to a media in London through a japanese independent music ravel, mona records.
Recent Xanthipita has the second xapi; Sadaco, who plays mandolin, contrabass, effects and some other instruments with unique ideas adding more shades to xapi music.
Now, Xanthipita is doing live acts in many regions in Japan, collaborating with various musicians.

who makes xapi sound?

sometimes with:

/playz/ toy-bass-like instrument+analogue synthesizer
Maruo Maruko
/playz/ accordion+piano+Russian harp+mo'

xanthipita visual

or, is it a visible kind of thing?


Jan. 8, 2008
at UrBANGUILD /KIYAMACHI kyoto 075 212-1125
fee:adv.1800yen /door2000yen + 1 drink

Feb. 14, 2008
at lete /SHIMOKITAZAWA tokyo 03 3795-0275
fee:2000yen + 1 drink
open 19:30 start 20:30

Feb. 15, 2008
at mona records /SHIMOKITAZAWA tokyo 03 5787-3326
fee:adv. 2000yen /door 2300yen + 1 drink
open 18:30 start 19:00

Feb. 20, 2008
at negaposi /MARUTAMACHI kyoto 075 252-8856

Feb. 29, 2008
at BALIBALI INDONESIA /GION kyoto 075 561-7050
fee: free

Mar. 16, 2008
at sound bar GINYUUSIJIN /BENTENCHOU osaka
06 6599-0560

Mar. 20, 2008
at YOURAN CENTER(western orchid research park)
/ONOMICHI hiroshima 0848 44-8808

Mar. 22, 2008
at BEARS /NAMBA osaka 06 6649-5564
... xapi sounds...

live on 10 07, 2007
xapi_uta+classic gt.
(:a castle)
from "animistic anima"
-so wie immer
wie in deinem kleinen Raum
wie deine kleinen Finger tanzen-
please e-mail us in
espan~ol...pero no entiendo mucho..
xapi released CDs
"kokoro no nichijyou"
4 tracks' demo CDR including 2 live recording tunes
Oct. 13, 2007 out/ 500yen
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"animistic anima"
11 tracks' first full album(CDR)
with various guest musicians
July 8, 2006 out/ 1000yen
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